Super Mario 3-Ring Binder with bonus exclusive Foil Trading Card & Dog Tag

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Super Mario has been collecting fans for decades, and now you can collect Super Mario dog tags in this stunning 3-ring notebook binder! Each Super Mario Dog Tag Binder includes a special foil trading card, a special deluxe dog tag, storage pages to hold your entire collection, as well as a checklist. What a great binder for fans both old and young!

  •  3-Ring Binder
  •  Luigi High-polish Dog Tag (#i5 - only available in this binder)
  •  Banzai Bill Foil Trading Card (#28 - only available in this binder)
  •  Storage pages for your dog tags, cards, & stickers!
    • 20-pocket UltraPro pages for tags
    • 9-pocket UltraPro pages for cards and stickers